I’m not quite sure what the point of this post is. Before you stop reading and dismiss this as some ranting and raving by a semi-deranged blogger, let me make it clear that it sort of is. Sorry. But am pretty sure we’ll gain momentum as we go along. So come along with me on this journey into my mind.

April is over. It seems it just flew past and before I realized we were well into it, it was over. I had waited for it with so much enthusiasm after March decided to fail me. I think I may have had some super-high expectations for it that I didn’t really get to see through. That’s not to say however, that it was entirely bad.

It was pretty much a month of unlearning. Have you ever asked yourself why you’re the way you are?Why you do things a certain way?Why you’re more inclined to some things to others? Well……..now try thinking about all that, then pressing Ctrl+Z, also known as the undo button. It’s pretty much resetting all the things that have been deeply ingrained in you from way back when, before you really had a say in what happened to you.

It’s, admittedly,¬† a confusing process, but if there’s one thing I am learning, it’s that confusion isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it takes moving from a place of not knowing, to get to a place of knowing. Sometimes we have¬† to fail before we can succeed. Sometimes we need to relinquish control of our lives to finally be in charge of our destiny.

Basically, this is step one: dissecting the once solid life we thought we had, scrutinizing it, and then, maybe then we can move to step two-putting all the pieces back together. It may seem pointless, messy even, to do all this when we can just stick to the whole form and continue as is. But it’s in this process of taking apart that we finally discover what lies inside. And it’s with this understanding that life finally makes sense.

And those, ladies and gentlemen, were my April musings. More to come in May. Happy new month!