Life is very interesting.Many have over the years tried to define it or compare it to something that’s easier for the human mind to grasp, but in the end it still remains an enigma.I think one of the greatest mysteries of life is life itself.
That being said, I find it very intriguing to observe how different people deal with the various aspects of life.When something really exciting happens, there are those that’ll instantaneously be transformed into a ball of energy, there are those that’ll cry and there are those that won’t have any outward joyous display.Even more interesting than our joyous reactions is how we deal with problems.
I think there comes a point in all our lives where we have to sit back and ask ourselves “What’s the point?” I have found that to be a somewhat difficult question to answer. It requires one to really scrutinize the various aspects of life and be completely honest with oneself. We have perfected the art of deception to the point where we begin to convince ourselves that things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Very few of us would willingly take this journey of self-discovery. It usually takes some life-changing events to set us off. After that we have a few choices to make. Think of it like a winding road on a hill. You come to a fork in the road.One part of it is a steep path that takes you up the hill. The other is a continuation of the road you’ve been on that’ll take you round the same way you came.This road seems less hazardous than the other as it lies within our comfort zone.The first road presents with many difficulties.It’s the ‘road less travelled’.But the thing is, if we take this path, we move on up to the next level in life.We get to see the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill.We get to experience a sense of newness and revitalisation. But sadly, most of the time we take the 2nd road, the easier road, and we keep going round in circles.
As I embark on this journey, I hope I won’t be alone.I hope to find you there too so we can enjoy the bright new day together.


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